I’ve been thinking about creating this blog for a long time now. Like a lot of girls, I do enjoy the odd bit of shopping here and there…and everywhere. Living in London and being faced with not only the extortionate cost of living but the meager sum left over in my bank account once major living expenses were subtracted, I was never left with much room for le shopping. And what I’m referring to here in case it’s not clear is the purchase of clothes, shoes and accessories.  So along with teaching myself the basics in survival (beans on toast for breakfast, lunch and dinner), I learned to keep an eye out for the sales. I also learned to sharpen my elbows, grab at things in piles quite quickly and how to dress  oneself for shopping in derelict warehouses where there isn’t a fitting room in sight, let alone functioning sewage systems. That last bit refers to the ubiquitous London sample sale scene.  

So here I am back in Toronto, my hometown (apart from having been raised in the burbs, but we won’t talk about that). I notice how much the city has changed for the better in the last six years and that it’s actually a pretty cool place to be.  I notice as I stroll along the streets, relearning how to say ‘Tronno’ and not TO-RON-TO  (emphasis on the last ‘T’ – say Tronno in London and you will have the piss taken out of you and be accused of saying things like ‘aboot’), that I can’t help but notice the quality of the shops here and, you guessed it, the sales. 

Therefore, not only as a sale-whore, but as a self-proclaimed purveyor of cool things, I’ve decided to stalk the city for hip, discounted stuff.  That said, I will not list every single bargain basement sale going on in the GTA, but I will list the sales that I think are worthwhile – even if it’s just a single item in a shop that merits a mention. How appropriate then that the first sale item that I will share with you is a very cute – and I mean cute-hip not cute-pinky-yucky – sailor skirt on sale right now at Club Monaco for the princely sum of $19. Get it – sailor/sale-or…never mind.  I noticed that there were quite a few sizes left at the Yorkdale location. It is white, which means it goes very well with hot pink tights and glittery Repetto heels, also $19 at Holt Renfrew Last Call. And get over yourself, you CAN wear white after Labour day, in fact I think it’s great in the winter!


Club Monaco Sailor Skirt $19 on sale

Club Monaco Sailor Skirt $19 on sale


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